Following discovery of the issue reported in my last report (clip set links not revealing all photos in the set), I did an advanced search on "Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #37" in clips, as all challenge entries are also given this as a caption title and tag. However, only two photos showed up (see screen shot). If you follow the link to that clips, there are at least 22 photos in it (posted since early November), 23 counting the one I know is missing - and possibly even more that are missing. So, it appears the advanced search function is also not properly working, as it is not picking up all incidences of these posts to that set. Again, this is a huge issue for our current challenge, as I can't identify if we are missing additional entries posted since early November. We judge all the entries that were placed in this clip set, so if any are missing, our judging/challenge becomes suspect. Also, this may just be the tip of the iceberg of a bigger search issue related to clip sets

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So everything posted to this set on 11/4 and after (https://cookieconnection.julia...actice-bakes-perfect) should show in the search - that would be 22 photos plus any others that are not revealing to me in the clip set now (like the "Fish Out of Water" one), so a minimum of 23 images should have come up.

The first post to this challenge was on 11/4 and it was this one: https://cookieconnection.julia...lip/iced-composition

It does not appear in the search, nor do any of the ones posted after it.

The only photos that do appear in the search are the one that is NOT revealing in the clip set ("Fish Out of Water") and the last one posted to the set (after I fixed the clip set categorization on it, that is, as it had not accepted the categorization on initial upload . . , which gets back to the first trouble ticket).

Hope this helps . . .

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