I've noticed this for a while in two queues (both belonging to super-admins). If you look at the clip provided, you'll see that the number of items actually in the queue is one less than the number given at the top! In the case of my queue, it's been that way at least since June.


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Have another look Paul. I think that we've got it.

You have one pending post that is pretty far in the future.  I'm not sure that I'll be around long enough to see it posted.  

Ok...I had that one stashed in case a scheduled daily blog didn't post...it was a backup and I forgot it. But last night, the drfumblefinger queue also had one fewer than the count, and today's post was not visible...but it published this morning anyway! Any ideas?

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I'm afraid that i don't knwo the answer to that. which post was it?

The queue for drfumblefinger currently says 18 and that appears to be the number that actually is in the queue.

It’s a bit confusing. At the time I posted the original question, there was one more item in total than the number in the queue, and the article which eventually published the next morning was missing from the list. Here it is, as published.

I was very worried by its not being visible, as I had no way until the following morning to know if it was okay but invisible, or whether I needed to file another blog to fill the day.

Paul, the post that was missing from the queue was the Treasures of the Vatican post, which has a scheduled date in the year 2099. That post is visible now.

The actual bug that was fixed yesterday is that any posts which were more than 30 years in the future were not visible in the queue.  The Vatican post is the one that would have been invisible, making the count off by one.

Understood: That was the situation with regard to the PHeymont queue.

But the queue I also asked about, the one with the short term date (next morning) that was not visible was in the DrFumblefinger queue.

While I realize it’s probably not possible to backtrack that one in detail, it is not the first time that a post due to publish soon has ‘disappeared’ from the queue, only to publish on time, so there IS something to look at, if not now, then going forward.


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