Not sure how to do this, but we'd like to place any new member's first post into the moderation queue (possibly first two posts), so we can see if we're welcoming great new content, or just someone posting ads disguised as forum posts.

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Hi, Paul:

Great idea! I have this recipe for one of the communities I administer, and it saves us a lot of spam.

There's already a boilerplate recipe set up for you, which you can tweak to your needs:

In your Recipes section, click the Add Recipe button, and you'll see a list of recipes of different types. Choose the one that says "Moderate Content By Members Until They Have A Certain Point Total".

You'll need to give it a name ("Moderate Content for New Members", for instance).

You'll see that the trigger is for any content to be posted, which is what you want.

Under Conditions, the default setting is for less than 50 points. You may want to tweak that (I chose 8 points, but it would be based on how many points your members get for joining, for posting, etc.). 

You can change the Condition to Author Post Count, if you prefer--just add that Condition, and delete the other.

You may want to check the point totals and post counts of your newest members to get a feel for what you want.

After you save this recipe, posts by new members will go to your Content Moderation Queue until they reach the appropriate point or post count.

Let me know if you have any questions!



I added it as Moderate Content for New Members; anyone with fewer than three posts will be moderated, and if there’s post-approval sneaking of links back in, the post will go again to moderation.



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