Hi, between 12 and 7 hours ago, I started having issues with clip sets not getting saved/displayed with photo uploads, despite clip sets being selected. I believe this issue is related to whatever work was done on the site today related to the new card mode stuff, as it's too coincidental.

Here's the issue, you still can't upload a photo unless you select at least one clip set. But when you first save the upload, the clip sets do not display at the top of the photo as they once did. When you go back in to edit the photo, the initial clip set selections do not show as saved. However, once you select again and re-save, the clip sets do reveal. Here's an example of the first photo that revealed this trouble on my site (posted 7 hours ago):

As you can see, the clip sets are not revealing above the title . . .

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 9.41.30 PM

I was able to go in and edit the sets (there were none showing as selected upon my entry into the post), and then re-save, and the sets now show up . . .

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 9.47.22 PM

All subsequent photos posted to the site have had the same issue, and I have edited them all.

I have since tested the issue by uploading photos of my own - and I can't post a photo without selecting a set (which IS the desired behavior); HOWEVER, again, they don't reveal once selected on initial save.

I SINCERELY HOPE/TRUST YOU WILL CORRECT THIS ISSUE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, as it creates an inordinate amount of work (I have to go in and add clip sets to every photo posted to the site so they are properly catalogued). Once again, these changes/issues come at the worst possible time - right before the holidays when it's extremely busy particularly for those like me in the food service business.

Please advise on when this will be fixed. THANK YOU!


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Hi Julie,

Thanks for the clear bug report! Yes, it does sound like that issue is probably related to the recent Card Mode release. We'll look into it and hope to have it fixed by early next week.



Thanks - if you can get it fixed sooner, I would really appreciate it - we're in the middle of a contest that requires people to catalog their photos. It's also taking me a ton of time to re-edit people's photos to make sure they get catalogued. 

Hi @Julie Usher,

We should be able to look at it today. I just didn't want to commit to getting it out sooner than next week if it wasn't possible. There is a chance we can get it fixed today.

I'll keep you updated!




(1) It appears that some clips are not appearing in clip sets they were once in. This issue most immediately impacts our current Practice Bakes Perfect #37 Challenge. Some photos that had been put in that clip set (and still show that clip set at the top of the photo) are not appearing in the clip set when you follow this link, as they should: https://cookieconnection.julia...rfect?fileType=IMAGE. I know for a fact that at least one photo is missing (see screen shot below of one that is selected to be in that set, but is not showing there when you follow the link). It's critical for us to see all photos in that set (in order to judge the competition, which starts in a few days) - as well as to see them in all other clip sets, of course. I wonder how many other clip sets now have similar issues, and I just haven't spotted it . . .

(2) Following discovery of the above issue, I did an advanced search on "Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #37" in clips, as all challenge entries are also given this as a caption title and tag. However, only two photos showed up (see screen shot). If you follow the link, there are at least 22 photos in it (posted since early November), 23 counting the one I know is missing - and possibly even more that are missing. So, it appears the advanced search function is also not properly working, as it is not picking up all incidences of these posts to that set. Again, this is a huge issue for our current challenge, as I can't identify if we are missing additional entries posted since early November. We judge all the entries that were placed in this clip set, so if any are missing, our judging/challenge becomes suspect. Also, this may just be the tip of the iceberg of a bigger search issue related to clip sets.

Speedy correction would be much appreciated. Also, I would appreciate you identifying if there are broader clip set categorization issues than just the one related to this set.

Photo catalogued in PCP clip set, but not showing if you follow the link:

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 8.13.51 AM

Search only showing two PCP entries, when there are many more:

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 8.16.58 AM


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Hi @Julie Usher,

This bug has been fixed now, so newly created clips should properly be associated with their Clip Sets. Any previously created clips will not have been modified, so the fix only applies to new clips going forward.

Thanks for reporting!


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