9. Issue - Join Community in About box - you said I could use custom CSS to make that font bigger, and you gave me some CSS - but I have no idea how to write custom CSS. Can you help me resize that area?

If you tell us exactly what you want, sure we can add it. Twice as big? anything else specific?

A) I would like the prompt to say "Join Community" (if someone has not joined) and to say "Invite Others to Join" (if someone has already joined)

B) I would like that text to be in Allura - roughly the same size as the blog titles, which is also the same size of the main headers of the featured content (though I would like to increase those header sizes per my other post)

C) I would also like to change the name of widget from "About This Site" to "About Our Community" but I saw no area to do this. Please let me know where to change this.


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